Bonnie Greenberg



A seasoned educator with more than 20 years of elementary school and university teaching experience, Bonnie has a Master's Degree in Speech-Language Pathology.

Storytelling Workshops

    Bonnie's often-requested, most popular workshops:

    1. Go Tell It In The Classroom
    For teachers/educators using storytelling as an educational tool.
    A wonderful two hours spent learning the techniques of the ancient educational tool of storytelling. Learn why it's still cogent and effective and how to use it in your classroom for ages preschool through college. Be ready to tell a story on Monday.

    2. Let's Make A Scene: Jewish Values and Mitzvot
    Appropriate for ages 4-104 and GREAT for family programs.
    This wonderful multi age , multigenerational program includes a performance of stories featuring Jewish values and good deeds. It is followed by a workshop using theater games to bring the values to life by the participants. A list of values in Hebrew, English, and transliteration is provided for small groups to "make a scene" depicting one of the values. The audience has a chance to guess the 'value' portrayed. Bonnie's digital camera records the learning/fun and photos are left behind with curriculum suggestions. A big hit across the age range!

    3. Catch A Memory:Craft A Story
    Learning to create an heirloom story for adult learners, women's groups, writer's workshops.
    Through a series of hands-on activities, we will catch a memory and learn to craft an heirloom story. Use your vision, hearing, and olfactory senses to claim a memory from long ago. Each participant will go home with a nugget of a story that you want your dearest ones to know.

    4. Telling to the Wee Ones: for preschool educators
    Telling to preschoolers requires a special understanding of this developmental age. Increase your students' language development and sense of story with the ideas and techniques presented in this hands-on, try-it-out-here workshop.

    5. I CAN do it, too: storytelling skills for beginners
    Within the hour and a half, you will learn how to choose and tell a story. A special five point structure will allow you to enter the world of storytellers and start your journey to success.

    6. VOICE: Abuse It! You Lose It!
    Care of the Voice Mechanism for performers, clergy, and teachers.
    Caring for our voice, our most precious instrument, is essential for peak performance. Join Bonnie, a certified speech-language pathologist and professional storyteller as she takes you through exercises to enhance your voice production and keep it healthy for years. For tips and help read this article.

    7. L'Chaim! Breathing Life into Our Stories
    Marion Pritchard, A Righteous Gentile by Bonnie Greenberg
    Explore how one person's story can represent the whole world as we learn the art of historical storytelling. In this workshop, which highlights the heroism of Dr. Marion Pritchard, a righteous gentile, true tales and hands-on activities launch us on a journey of discovery.

    8."Common Threads" With Sandi Hannibal, Storyteller The universality of the human experience is well expressed through story and song. Bonnie and Sandi's "Survival Tales of the African-American and Jewish People" illustrates this truth. Learn how to find the common threads of stories from different cultures. Ideas for sharing these stories with your students will be explored as well as extension activities for enhancing the experience. This participatory workshop will leave you with ideas and stories you can use tomorrow with your students.